Carl Thomas

I created this site to share some knowledge related to my experiences in software development (primarily C#.NET and web). There are code snippets and techniques I have discovered or engineered in order to overcome development and deployment issues or to simplify development tasks.


The main contribution I wish to make to the worldwide development community is the fruit of years of note-taking and code snippet saving. Horseshoe.NET is a suite of .NET utilities for any developer to enjoy.

It is a collection of classes and methods built from code snippets that I have gathered over my career. The idea of it is to simplify every day development while also providing unique, new functionality.

Furthermore, users are able to enjoy multiple organization-wide preconfiguration options which can simplify development within an organization even more!

It will be available as a NuGet package in early 2020 - initially in English only. Then, if it's not too great an undertaking, I plan to add internationalization as time permits in the following months and years; most likely German, Spanish, French and Portuguese.